2019-2020 Photo

20201104 Flu Vaccination Programme
20200820 Graduation Gown Distribution
20200709 New S1 Registration Day
20200311 Graduation Gown Distribution
20200225 Surgical Mask Sharing
20200118 PTA AGM
20200103 Result of GHSPTA Graduation Pin Design Competition 2020
2020_Entry_19 2020_Entry_19 qrf qrf 2020_Entry_17 2020_Entry_17 2020_Entry_16 2020_Entry_16 2020_Entry_15 2020_Entry_15 2020_Entry_14 2020_Entry_14 2020_Entry_13 2020_Entry_13 2020_Entry_12 2020_Entry_12 2020_Entry_11 2020_Entry_11 2020_Entry_10 2020_Entry_10 2020_Entry_09 2020_Entry_09 2020_Entry_08 2020_Entry_08 2020_Entry_07 2020_Entry_07 2020_Entry_06 2020_Entry_06 2020_Entry_05 2020_Entry_05 2020_Entry_04 2020_Entry_04 2020_Entry_03 2020_Entry_03 2020_Entry_02 2020_Entry_02 2020_Entry_01 2020_Entry_01 2020_Entry_31 2020_Entry_31 2020_Entry_30 2020_Entry_30 2020_Entry_29_finalized - 1st place 2020_Entry_29_finalized - 1st place 2020_Entry_28 2020_Entry_28 2020_Entry_27 - 2nd place 2020_Entry_27 - 2nd place 2020_Entry_26 2020_Entry_26 2020_Entry_25 2020_Entry_25 2020_Entry_24 - 3rd place 2020_Entry_24 - 3rd place 2020_Entry_23 2020_Entry_23 2020_Entry_22 2020_Entry_22 2020_Entry_21 2020_Entry_21
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20191109 Flu Vaccination Programme
20191012 Ikani Workshop