Good Hope School Parent Teacher Association (德望學校家長教師會) has been established since 1994. We are a charitable institution which serve the parents and teachers of Good Hope School. The PTA has an Executive Committee comprising of teachers, parents and Ex-officio Members. Parent Executive members are elected by ballot amongst regular and Ex-officio Members every two years.


  1. to form a parent-teacher network to facilitate the growth of the students in line with the School Mission.
  2. to enhance communication and understanding between the parents and the teachers to secure suitable collaboration between home education and school education.
  3. to co-operate with the School in organizing other learning experiences.
  4. to assist the School to improve its facilities to enhance students’ welfare.

In these years, the PTA is fully supported by the School and our members. The PTA organized different kinds of activities for our members. We will continue to strive for excellence in the near future.